On the back of lasts years Foodcamp which was an experiment with this new format in the food space we are running it again this year. Last year was great fun – a lovely way for everyone from foodies, bloggers, chefs, producers and journalists to mingle and share points of view with each other. You can register here.

This year will be the same format with a small twist at the end of the day. We end with a Food Fight – a debate on the merits or otherwise of Traditional Irish Cuisine. More on that later.

What stays the same are the 90 minute lunch where every attendee gets to share food which they brought with them and also the opening up of 24 speaking slots during the day for anyone to speak about stuff they are passionate or knowledgeable on. This is for everyone – seriously. We don’t know what will be spoken about because we don’t set the talks!

Only rule here is No Selling – No Sales Pitches. Has to be something which informs or engages. Beyond that and while you stick to food it is entirely up to you.

You can see the current attendees here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=thStuHbW0pjs30l8NqkaXdA#gid=0

Over a number of blog posts we are going to highlight a couple of speakers each time to give a sense of what you can expect. The first two are better known than some – but that is NOT the point of the day. The strength comes from the mix on the day with everyone pitching in and learning from each other.

Sally McKenna http://www.bestofbridgestone.com/
Irish Coastal Cooking – can we get some of these traditional items back on the menu. I’ll be covering fish, shellfish, salt, beach herbs and seaweed.

[Sally was a surprise for me at last years foodcamp - because it was the first talk she had ever done. Seems like that husband of hers hogs the speaking circuit while Sally won't let him near twitter. Or email for that matter]

Suzanne Campbell http://basketcasetheblog.blogspot.com
What’s Ireland Eating? How our shopping basket affects Irish food producers and our health

[Looking forward to this - Suzanne is very outspoken on the topic]

Come along and enjoy a wonderful day – register here.