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September 10, 2017
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July 11, 2017

Fats: Facts & Fictions

Venue: Highbank Orchards & Distillery
Date: Thursday 26th October
Time: 6.30pm
Tickets: €9. CLICK HERE
limited spaces  T: 056-7729918
Bia Beag: Meet The Makers – a series of events held in Highbank Organic Orchards & Distillery Kilkenny, which celebrate producers of real food, is back with its new series.
The discussion begins….. ‘Fats: Facts & Fictions’ …
We are thrilled to have advocates for 3 fats and oils on stage along with a nutritional therapist and our regular man in the armchair Keith Bohanna.
The science comes from Waterford based nutritional therapist Jemma Kehoe (
Our fat advocates are
Darina Allen on the side of butter, (
Ben Colchester who grows the organic rapeseed used to make Ireland and UK’s only organic rapeseed oil (
Karen Cryan who is Irelands first and still only olive oil sommelier (
The evening will be two hours of exploration and celebration as we learn about the role of fat in our diet, listen to the story of 3 very different fats and sample some of those fats and oils 😉