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June 20, 2017
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June 27, 2017

Prannie Rhatigan

Venue: Black & Amber Stage, The Parade
Date: Saturday 28th October
Time: 10am- 12pm
Admission: FREE

Seaweeds- meet them, eat them…love them

Bringing the seashore to the audience- Prannie Rhatigan, one of Ireland’s top seaweed experts, will be shining a light on the fascinating world of seaweeds- showing close ups of seaweed growing and giving demos using those seaweeds, complete with tastings to get you inspired. Immerse yourself and experience the joys and benefits of seaweed, learn how to identify and harvest them sustainably y and understand how to use it in everyday cooking.


Dr Prannie Rhatigan is a medical Doctor with a lifetime experience of harvesting, cooking and gardening organically with sea vegetables. Born and raised in the North West of Ireland where she still lives, she has a lifelong interest in the connections between food and health.