The Savour Kilkenny Committee have made the difficult decision to cancel the 2021 festival following months of monitoring the Covid-19 status and taking into account the Government’s updated roadmap for the next few months.
Given the sheer scale of the festival with 50,000 attendees in 2019 and the lack of clarity about what Covid-19 restrictions and regulations will look like in October 2021 for such events it was felt that cancelling the event was the only option.
Public Health & Safety is of paramount importance to the committee and unless they were confident that the festival could go ahead without causing any risk to contributors, participants and visitors, it would not be feasible.
The Festival Chairperson Ger Mullally said, “It’s a great disappointment to have to cancel the festival two years in a row, in particular when you consider the estimated annual economic impact of the festival to the Kilkenny economy. We are very conscious of the loss of revenue for our exhibitors and the disappointment of visitors.
As we had come to the time to start planning and programming – the committee just could not wait any longer to make a decision.
However, Savour Kilkenny is a very strong brand and we have a massively committed team behind the event, our sponsors and our customers have been very loyal over the years and we look forward to bringing the festival back at its full potential in 2022.”