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In 1996, a number of leading agri-food businesses identified the need for an independent body to provide the general public with information and education on the importance of agriculture and food to the Irish economy. As a result, Agri Aware was founded in 1996 by Bord Bia, FBD, the Irish Dairy Board, the Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA) and the Irish Farmers’ Journal. Agri Aware is a charitable trust that is funded by the farming and agri-food industry (see www.agriaware.ie/patrons for details).

To convey the importance of the agri-food industry amongst the general public, Agri Aware delivers high impact educational and public awareness initiatives and projects for students and the general public.

Agri Aware Mission Statement

The mission statement of Agri Aware is to ‘improve the image and understanding of Agriculture, Farming and the Food industry among the general public’.

Objectives of Agri Aware

  • To improve the image of the agriculture, farming and food industries
  • To promote greater awareness among the non-farming community of modern agriculture, the rural environment, animal welfare, food quality and safety
  • To heighten farmer awareness of the importance of best farming practices in the protection of the environment, animal welfare and food safety
  • To provide information about agriculture and food in schools nationwide to inform the non-farming community about the crucial role that the farming and agri-food industry play in the Irish economy


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