Savour the Taste

Meet the Producers

Meet the producers and savour the taste of Kilkenny!

Joining us on the Savour Main Stage on Savour Saturday will be local Kilkenny food producers. Giving you a brief introduction to their businesses and an insight into the wealth of produce available locally here in Kilkenny.

These short introduction talks will take place just before the cooking demos, so make sure to get a seat early !

Meet the Producers: 

Truffle Fairy Chocolatier
Mary Teehan’s journey to be a chocolatier was an accidental one. Her encounter with couverture she regards as an awakening; a realisation that there is better chocolate out there. Mary looks upon chocolate not as a sweet confection but a deep experience.  Since founding the Truffle Fairy Chocolatier in 2005, Mary has opened two stores one in Thomastown and the other in Kilkenny City. The ethos is steadfast, protect the farmers, educate future generations so that the food of the gods is protected and not lost.  Mary and her team make fine flavour chocolate confections, truffles, bars etc. and offers a hot chocolate menu in their cafes and online store. Mary combines her chocolate with seasonal flavours and today she is growing her own elderflowers, fruit berries and herbs. Her flavours change with the season and additionally she avails of the wonderful local produce from the county of Kilkenny such as Ballykeefe Distillery with their Whiskey, Poitin, potato vodka and gin and Highbank Organic Orchard with their apple ciders, juices and spirits. Where spices can’t be sourced locally again Mary will look into the origins of the produce she requires.  Truffle Fairy will continue to promise their customers of no pre- made inclusions. Continuing to roast all their own nuts, make their own caramels, grate their own fresh organic fruits.Anything they can’t source locally they will source it organically. Try to their best ability to close the loop, that includes looking at packaging, trying for paper not plastic. Only engage with suppliers who hold the same brand ethos as themselves.
Kilkenny Free Range 

Mary and Tony Walsh  produce high quality, free range geese for the Christmas season. Authentic food has always been a passion of ours and that’s what turned our hobby into a family business more than 15 years ago. We pride ourselves on the quality of our produce, the loyalty we have for our customers, and they have for us.
Whether you’re a long-standing goose lover or new to the world of goose, get in touch to find out more. Email us at:


Bosco’s Garden is a small regenerative farm and market garden established in 2020 just outside Kilkenny City. We grow our produce using beyond organic, no-dig permaculture techniques, working with nature to create a balanced farm ecology. We supply local restaurants and run a busy farm shop on Fridays, right beside the garden where all the food is grown. To follow our journey you can join us on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook where we give detailed insight on our growing methods.


Highbank Orchards

Highbank Orchards is home to the original and innovative and multi award winning Highbank Orchard Syrup. We also produce several delicious Apple juices, including our acclaimed non alcoholic Drivers Cider as well as Highbank Proper Cider and Medieval Cider, matured on their wild yeasts with no added sulphites. Highbank Organic Farm in Co. Kilkenny was a 17th century farmyard and the present farm house was built by our family in the 19th Century. The first apple orchards were planted by the family, in 1969, to compliment the hop gardens. The fertile Kilkenny limestone soils are uniquely suited to produce delicious apples and apple juice organically. The varieties of apples are specially chosen for their juicing properties which are uniquely complex and full of health giving vitamins and mineral. Find out more here.

Head to the Savour Main Stage on Saturday to meet these great producers and keep an eye out for them on the market and in local stores near you!