Tom Coleman – Improving Sleep & Fatigue

Date: Sunday 27th October 2019

Time: 3.30pm

Venue: The Good Vibe Hive

Category: SKU: Sleep & Fatigue workshop


Health and Wellness Expert, Tom Coleman has worked with many Irish athletes and has spent years working in “Fatigue Management” and dealing with issues relating to sleep.  As a nation, most of us are tired, for a host of different reasons. We are exhausted and it does not seem to be getting much better. One recent survey found that up to 80% of Irish workers reported that they were not getting enough sleep. Tom is exceptionally well placed to dispense sound advice to ensure a good nights’ sleep.

At this workshop, Tom will be giving insights, science and secrets along with practical information gained over the years from working with elite sports professionals and consulting and speaking on sleep in multinational companies. He will be highlighting how to protect and improve your health from a physical and psychological point of view. Whether its performance, productivity or personal bests you wish to improve, Tom will help you unlock the powerful benefits of sleep.

This workshop will be about 45 minutes and include, tips, insights and practical information to help get a great night’s sleep. 

Tom Coleman is a nutritionist with a background in Science and Health Promotion, and has a lifetime of passion in Health, Sports & Science. We are delighted to have Tom back at Savour Kilkenny.