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Kilkenny’s Brewery – Sullivan’s Brewing Company 

The Glasshouse, 16 Lower John Street, Kilkenny, Ireland
Doing what you believe in isn’t always easy, but when something truly matters there is no compromise. That’s why today, when not a single brewery stands in the most storied and authentic beer-brewing city in Ireland, one with over 800 years of brewing tradition, we’re standing up for what we know is right.

Our family’s own tradition of brewing stems back to 1702 when we opened our doors on James Street to become Kilkenny’s first commercial brewery. With a 5th generation Sullivan leading the charge, we’ve made it our mission to resurrect the lost art of real Irish brewing in its rightful home – #Kilkenny.

Kilkenny was built on generations of artisan brewing by a community with a lust for life, a relentless spirit, and a shared ethos of integrity. The story of Sullivan’s and Kilkenny is inseparable.

Brewing is in our blood. And Kilkenny, known far and wide as a cultural epicentre for craft and design, is a true brewing city. We are committed to reviving this great brewery and the great craft of independent artisan brewing – right here in the heart of the city. Because we’re not just Sullivan’s Brewery, we’re Kilkenny’s brewery.

That’s why every beer we craft today is inspired by a traditional Kilkenny recipe and brewed the way our family has always brewed – the way real Irish beer should be brewed – by local experts, by hand, in small batches, with enormous heart and the finest locally sourced ingredients.
Our acclaimed Kilkenny master brewers are artisans, always exploring and innovating, and perfecting each recipe with creative, satisfying twists. Always brewing the right way – with imagination and without compromise.

When you choose Sullivan’s, you can trust that you are enjoying a beer of craftsmanship and substance.


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